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MouseSimplicITy! offer an extensive range of tailored courses to meet YOUR IT needs,in group sessions or on a 1:1 basis. We write the courses to achieve exactly what YOU want, which means that YOUR staff produce more cost effective results through a moreefficient and enjoyable use of IT.

Every company operates differently and, therefore, has varying needs within IT - it may be that your secretarial staff need specific topics relating to their role; your accounts team may need a specific accounts based course. Manuals can be tailored to YOUR Company and each course will have a practical element – we can even use your own data to create specific exercisesand topics to ensure that the training is applied to YOUR business needs.

  • Berkswell Training Suite

  • designed to create a relaxed and comfortable learning environment
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  • Laptop Provision

  • Training on site at your offices including the provision of laptops
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We won’t charge you a higher fee for adapting our training courses – we want you to have the most cost-effective use of IT; in other words, value for money.

IT Training with a difference …